How It Works

NanoCopper and It's Powerful, Protective Properties

Several experiments made by the University of Southampton, UK have confirmed the role of Copper into the termination and destruction of the virus SARS-Cov-2. Over a surface made of Copper at 99,99% purity de Covid virus has die after 4 hours. Copper was very well known to ancient civilizations like the romans, and being used to protect wounds from infections and molds.

Also with more studies made in Chile, Italy and Brazil its being verified that with our mats Sars-cov 19 and bacteria start to die in the first  5 minutes so in the arch of 24 hours the mats continue to fight all type of pathogens that will be in contact with the surfaces nonstop eliminating the proliferation of Bacteria's.

​In this time of Pandemic, the use of chemicals its being accentuated , solvents, disinfectants and detergents can clean surfaces but is a temporary solution and all these products are dangerous for the people and the environment.

BioCop is recyclable and non Toxic and uses FDA food approved Silicones.

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