Our Story

The use of traditional, toxic products to keep surfaces clean continue to damage the environment. Our approach is to stop the advancing menace of viruses and super bugs by applying our clean technologies that utilize the latest in Nano technology to create surfaces for high touch locations around the world.

With more than 12 years of experience in Nano technology,  BioCop and its partners have proven success in multiple lab tests to deactivate and destroy dangerous pathogens on contact with our treated mats and self adhesive films.

BioCop and the partners at Nanotec Chile have developed, in 12 years, the  application to fight against dangerous Pathogens with Nano Copper specific designed particles.

BioCop is a company located in San Francisco, California, partnering with the best polymers and silicon's experts in Italy is bringing to the markets a line of products for the fight against bacteria’s and viruses.

With a proprietary formula, BioCop uses Active Nano-Mineral technology and  approved food-grade silicones, helping to keep high-touch areas clean 24 -hours a day.

Designed by BioCop in California, powered by Nanotec Chile and assembled in Italy by with our highest and rigorous standards of quality.



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